You Have a Maximum Cost-Per-Click (max. Cpc) Bid of Us$2 for A Keyword. to Determine the Prospective Impact of Raising This Bid to Us$3, You Could Use:

You have a maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid of US$2 for a keyword. To determine the prospective impact of raising this bid to US$3, you could use:

  • Portfolio Simulator
  • Bid Simulator
  • Keyword Simulator
  • CPC Simulator

Right Answer:

  • Bid Simulator


When it comes to advertising online, be it on Google Ads, for example, it is understandable that predicting a particular Ad Campaign’s run is simply impossible.

Even if you have set the perfect bid for your cost per click Ads, it is absolutely possible for your campaign to run badly compared to similar other campaigns.

In this situation, a bid simulator is helpful enough for the advertiser. The bid simulator helps you to track these few parameters when it comes to advertisements:

  • Week by week data
  • Ad Group
  • Campaign
  • Keyword
  • Match type data etc.

Using a bid simulator is extremely beneficial as far as an advertiser is concerned. It will tell you exactly how to bid for your advertisements.

Apart from that, it will let you know or give you a foreshadowing of what can happen if you increase the bid after a certain period of time.

More than a great planner, a bid simulator is a risk management tool as well for new users.

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