You Have an Online Electronics Business and You’ve Set up An Ad Group for Digital Cameras. What Keywords Could Make This Ad Group as Effective as Possible?

You have an online electronics business and you’ve set up an ad group for digital cameras. What keywords could make this ad group as effective as possible?

  • General phrases related to photography, like “camera lens” and “camera base”
  • Words in your ad text, like model names of digital cameras
  • Words from headlines on your website, like “electronics” and “sale on cameras”
  • Brand names of your top competitors’ cameras

Right Answer:

  • Words in your ad text, like model names of digital cameras


Ad groups can be explained as a collection of advertisements that are essential in targeting a select set of keywords. Now, having different ad groups is absolutely crucial for your products’ or your brand’s growth. The variety will make sure that the viewers are actually not bored with your promotions and instead, will seek interest in your offers.

When it comes to ad groups, there are two things that are extremely important in the long run:

  • Theme
  • Keywords

As the question explains, having an ad group for digital cameras means you have to focus on the digital cameras more than anything else. The tagline, the call to action tools, the display options, everything needs to be in tune with digital cameras. The final nail in the coffin is the model names of digital cameras, which will allow users to feel curious about the particular. They will head to your website and research about the same without much of a thought.

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