You Own a Pet-Supply Store with Various Category Pages on Your Website, and You’ve Set up A Tracking Template so You Can Manage Tracking and Redirect Information. Your Final Url for The Keyword “dog Treats” Could Be Something Like:

You own a pet-supply store with various category pages on your website, and you’ve set up a tracking template so you can manage tracking and redirect information. Your final URL for the keyword “dog treats” could be something like:

  • www.trackingkeyworddestinationURL=12345678987654321%dogtreatsredirect

Right Answer:



The tracking template is wherever you keep the tracking information of a concerned consumer or viewer. You can use URL parameters to tweak your final URL. When an ad is clicked, the information is used to create your landing page URL.

Keeping hold of the tracking information, an advertiser can set the ad and then the landing page accordingly. It gives the much-needed information about the viewer regarding their precise choice of interest as well as their possible next move. By going ahead with these traits, it will be easier for the advertiser to get that conversion going.

  • You can observe which tracking template is involved in the Tracking template source column.
  • With parallel tracking, application of HTTP in this field can interrupt your click measurement/redirect systems:
  • While we don’t have restraint over the succeeding redirects, AdWords will always use HTTPS for the first tracking call if it’s not accessed as such.
  • All consequent redirect URLs must be HTTPS.
  • A tracking template at the ad group, campaign, or account level concerns to all of the ads in the analogous ad group, campaign, or account.
  • If you determine multiple tracking templates at various levels, the most precise template is used.
  • The keyword tracking template is the most specific followed by the ad, ad group, campaign, then account.

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