You Sell Chocolate and Want to Tailor Your Text Ads so They More Directly Match People’s Search Terms, Like “dark Chocolate.” You Use Keyword Insertion Code “we Sell {key Word:Chocolate}”. Your Headline Could Look Like This:

You sell chocolate and want to tailor your text ads so they more directly match people’s search terms, like “dark chocolate.” You use keyword insertion code “We sell {KeyWord:Chocolate}”. Your headline could look like this:

  • We sell Dark Chocolate
  • We sell dark chocolate
  • We Sell chocolate
  • We Sell dark chocolate

Right Answer:

  • We sell Dark Chocolate


There are some Headline Formulas in Google Ads following which can be an advantage so that you don’t need to start from the scratch to get your Google Ads Headlines. So creating a Headline for your Google Ad is very important so that you can increase the Click through rate (CTR) for your ad campaign.

  • Make sure to keep your Google Ad Headline as Simple as possible.
  • Create a headline to compete with your local competitors.
  • Insert a Question in your Text Ad which can attract a lot more users to view your ad.
  • Specify the exact number in your ad if you are going to use any in your ad.
  • Creation a Question to be an Objection Overcomer.
  • Providing Incentives and mentioning them in your ad is a more effective way.

Follow all of these tips while you are creating an ad so that it can be effective when it is shown to the users. Creating a Google Ads headline is a tough job where you have to take more things into account while creating it. So, following the above-mentioned steps can make it easier for you.

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