You Want to See how Raising Your Client’s Target Cost-Per-Acquisition (cpa) Might Affect His Ad Performance. Which Tool Could Help?

You want to see how raising your client’s target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) might affect his ad performance. Which tool could help?

  • Keyword Simulator
  • Target CPA Planner
  • Target CPA Simulator
  • Target Bid Simulator

Right Answer:

  • Target CPA Simulator


There are Google Ads Bid Simulators which can help you to see how different bids might actually change your ads’ weekly performance online. There are different types of bid simulators for different types of ads. All of these bid simulators are shown and explained below briefly.

  • Regular Bid Simulators – which shows the changes to your max CPC bid might change the cost or number of impressions, conversions your ad receives for your keyword.
  • Campaign Bid Simulators – Shows the changes to your campaign’s bids might affect that Campaign’s performance.
  • Shopping Campaigns Bid Simulators – You can find this in your “Product Groups” tab which shows you how some changes to your bid might have an impact on your product groups’ performance.
  • Video Campaigns Bid Simulator – This shows you how changes to your max CPC Bid might have an effect on your weekly video traffic.
  • Target CPA Simulator –  Show how changes to your Target CPA might affect your ad performance.
  • Device Bid Adjustment Simulator – shows you how changes to your device bid adjustment might affect your ad performance on different devices.

These bid simulators collect and analyze the data from ad auctions from the Search and Display Networks while considering information such as Quality Score, keyword traffic, and competition in the ad auction.

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