You Want to Use Google Ads to Promote Your Dog-Sitting Service. What Kind of Campaign Might You Create to Reach Dog Owners, Whether They’re Searching on Google or Surfing a Pet-Supply Website?

You want to use Google Ads to promote your dog-sitting service. What kind of campaign might you create to reach dog owners, whether they’re searching on Google or surfing a pet-supply website?

  • Universal App
  • Search Network with Display opt-in
  • Display Network
  • Search Network

Right Answer:

  • Search Network with Display opt-in


The “Search Network with Display Select” is an amalgamation of “Search Network only” and “Display Network only” AdWords campaign types.

These are the details of how the Search Network with Display Select works in general:

  • Targeting: As the name itself suggests, targeting means specifically focusing on one or a few types of audiences with your Ad. Your Ad doesn’t have to concern every person on the internet. The four major ways with which you can do the same are as follows: Keywords, Placements, Remarketing lists for search only, and Site category options.
  • Ad Placement: With the Ad Placement thing, your Ad will be visible to people on Google search results, search partner sites and Google Display Network sites and video respectively. These three options will significantly boost your impressions compared to a rather Search Network only.
  • Ad Formats: As far as Ad formats are concerned, your ads will be displayed on the Search Network with Display Select in these four forms: Text Ads, Image Ads, Display Ad builder Ads, and App / digital content ads. All four types are relevant to the respective audience base accordingly.

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