Zoe Has a Website Selling Customizable Electronic Greeting Cards. What Could Be Interfering with Her Getting the Most Possible Conversions?

Zoe has a website selling customizable electronic greeting cards. What could be interfering with her getting the most possible conversions?

  • When people click the ad, they’re taken to the get-well category
  • Some of her keywords are on the landing page
  • It’s obvious on the landing page that she’s selling greeting cards
  • The landing page shows popular cards, with easy navigation to specific categories like birthday, anniversary, congratulations, and get well

Right Answer:

  • When people click the ad, they’re taken to the get-well category



Google Adwords conversion rate is probably the most sought-after result for an advertiser in the most obvious case. As we all know, it is the only thing that yields the much-needed money for the advertiser, obviously!

The most efficient Adwords advertisers only concentrate on these two things:

  • Increasing the conversion rate
  • Reducing the cost per conversion

As you can see, the first point has already been mentioned in the introduction line itself. Secondly, in order to reduce the cost per conversion, your ad from the ad campaign needs to be as relevant as possible.

Unless the viewer finds your ad precise and to the point, they will not click on your ad and subsequently not end up on your landing page. So, in order to facilitate that, you need to make sure that your keywords are as dynamic as possible, being connected to the viewer’s needs from time to time.

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