Ad Mob Is ____.

AdMob is ____.

  • an app promotion ad format
  • a custom deep link
  • an ad extension
  • Google Ads’ non–owned and operated mobile app inventory

Right Answer:

  • Google Ads’ non–owned and operated mobile app inventory


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Ad Mob is Google’s advertising platform which specifically caters to the world of mobile apps. With the help of Ad Mob, app developers can advertise their developed apps with in-app advertisement, banner advertisement and other methods of advertisements available on mobile phones.

  • Ad Mob was launched on April 2006 by Omar Hamoui.
  • The company was based at Mountain View, California.

In November 2009, Google decided to take over the company by buying it in a bidding fashion. Outbeating Apple Inc, Google bought Ad Mob at an estimated price range of $750 Million.

By connecting AdMob to the concerned AdWords account, you can take care of all of the information related to your ads and ad campaigns in general. By linking these two, you will get the data of how many ads actually got a view-time and how many people out of those ended up clicking the ad itself.

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