App Downloads Are Conversions that Are Tracked when A User Downloads or Installs a Mobile Application for The First Time.

App downloads are conversions that are tracked when a user downloads or installs a mobile application for the first time.

  • False
  • True

Right Answer:

  • True


The question is pretty straightforward when it comes to the forefront. Apart from clicks on the advertisements on the Search and Display Network of Google, more specifically, app downloads are also considered as clicks, and in some cases, conversions when it comes to statistics.

The more basic parameters that are taken into consideration when it is related to a mobile app are as follows:

  • First-time usage
  • Mobile app installation
  • In-app purchases

Now, advertisers consider all sorts of promotional measures when it comes to attracting a few consumers. If a person has already installed this app earlier but does not have it in their phones right now, they can take the help of Remarketing.

With that, they can gain back their consumers since they do have an idea of what this particular app is all about. Apart from that, having interesting deals will lead to more in-app purchases. In the e-commerce sector, this is pretty much the main goal behind an app installation.

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