App Remarketing Allows You to Target People Who:

App remarketing allows you to target people who:

  • all of the listed answers are incorrect
  • have searched for apps similar to yours
  • have used your app before
  • have searched for your app

Right Answer:

  • have used your app before


Remarketing can be expressed as the procedure of repromotion which is carried out by the advertisers. In this particular exercise, the advertisers are keen on targeting the people who have already interacted with their products or services or website, in general. The main reason for targeting these people is the higher chance of actually getting hold of a long-gone customer or viewer.

The different types of remarketing currently in the marketplace are as follows:

  • Standard Remarketing
  • Video Remarketing
  • Email Remarketing
  • App Remarketing etc.

As far as this question is concerned, app remarketing is carried out by advertisers where they want to target people who have already installed their apps beforehand. Now, due to some reason, the viewer might have uninstalled the app.

In order to gain that very person, the advertisers push the ads to them. Since they have already used the app, there is a chance that they will install the app once again.

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