Assuming Google Forwarding Numbers Are Available in Your Country, What Do You Need Before You Can Set up Conversion Tracking for Calls from An Ad or A Website?

Assuming Google forwarding numbers are available in your country, what do you need before you can set up conversion tracking for calls from an ad or a website?

  • A mobile-specific sitelink extension
  • A sales team and operating phone bank
  • An app published in the Google Play store
  • An active call extension or call–only ad

Right Answer:

  • An active call extension or call–only ad


Call-only ads, as the question expresses, does not include a website link of the landing page which is conducive to mobile phone viewing. Instead, it gives a direct link to the phone number of the business concerned. With that being said, you can literally contact the advertiser in a single touch on your mobile phone.

While Call-Extensions will help you to expand your business by providing more information to the people and also by giving people more reasons to chose your business from others.

  • They typically increase the ad’s click-through-rate by several percentage points.
  • You can also add more content to your ad such as general information.
  • Extensions give you ad greater visibility and prominence on the search page.

That means you tend to get more value and more business through your ad. Extensions often increase your total number of clicks, and can give people additionally, interactive ways of reaching you such as through maps or calls.

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