Call Conversions, Which Can Be Tracked by Businesses in Eligible Countries, Can Be Used to Track Calls from Users Who Visited a Website from Any Source.

Call conversions, which can be tracked by businesses in eligible countries, can be used to track calls from users who visited a website from any source

  • False
  • True

Right Answer:

  • False


As the question suggests, call conversions are the ones where viewers take the help of the calling the phone number that is attached to the advertisements they are viewing. The advertisements put across by the advertisers might have these extensions which help the viewers to directly connect with the advertiser.

The basic requirements of setting up advertisements so that you can get the call conversions are as follows:

  • Google Ads Account
  • Active Call extension or a Location extension with a call option or Call-only Ads
  • Business in an eligible country

Now, a call conversion will only be counted if the call is carried out with the help of the advertisements only. If a viewer goes through the advertisement, clicks out of the browser or app and calls separately, then it will not be considered a call conversion. There are a bunch of benefits as well such as:

  • Can examine keywords, Ads, Advertisement groups, and campaigns
  • Gives you an idea of investing better
  • Helps boost your Return on Investment etc.

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