Call-Only Ads Are Like Ad Call Extensions in That They Let You Start a Call with A Touch. how Are They Different from Ad Call Extensions?

Call-only ads are like ad call extensions in that they let you start a call with a touch. How are they different from ad call extensions?

  • Call-only ads run for shorter durations than ad call extensions.
  • Call-only ads don’t include a link to a mobile site.
  • Call-only ads cost more, but reach farther.
  • Call-only ads don’t appear on mobile devices.

Right Answer:

  • Call-only ads don’t include a link to a mobile site.


Make Your AdWords Call-Only Ads Stand Out

There are various types of advertisements online. More so, when it comes to the mobile devices, these advertisements are more and more interactive at the end of the day. These advertisements let the users take immediate action when it comes to interacting with a particular type of promotion.

There are two particular types of advertisements and extensions which separate the whole process altogether among themselves:

Call Extensions:

When it comes to Call Extensions, people can see several types of advertisements, especially on their phones, where a bunch of text is succeeded by a phone number. This phone number lets the viewers interact directly with the advertisers. However, it doesn’t mean that the advertisement has no landing page.

The viewers can either choose to go ahead with the landing page, check out the details that are given on the website or go ahead and call the store or office to know more details.

Call-Only Ads:

However, apart from these, there are call-only ads. The main motive behind the call-only ads is that it is of quick response. People who are searching for something to have an immediate result or a reply will be flashed with a call-only advertisement.

At that point, their only issue is to get out of a situation, thus they will surely go ahead with the call, which in turn increases the number of engagements.

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