Generally Speaking, Mobile Sites Are Good for Acquiring New Customers and Inspiring New Relationships While Mobile Apps Are Good for Servicing and Engaging Existing Customers and Retaining Current Relationships.

Generally speaking, mobile sites are good for acquiring new customers and inspiring new relationships while mobile apps are good for servicing and engaging existing customers and retaining current relationships.

  • True
  • False

Right Answer:

  • True


If you want to retain your current relationships with your customers you must offer them good servicing and re-engage with all of those customers on a regular basis which will make you stand out from the competition and can learn or find a way for more business in the process.

Your current customers or users are like the most valuable assets for your business so you are not supposed to lose them by overlooking or by remaining inactive. There are so many practices which can make you remain active in re-engaging your customers. Just read them carefully.

  • Ask for introductions to new customers
  • Request customer feedback from users regularly
  • Send them any valuable offers or any news about your business on e-mail
  • Always provide them with new updates
  • Make your app or site more and more user-friendly with the latest updates

Performing every task above mentioned will be able to maintain all of your customers and may lead to gain new customers due to the mouth publicity of your app or existing customers inviting new ones.

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