Roger Has Your App Installed on His Phone. While Browsing Products Online, He Happens upon A Link to One of Your Products. He’s Interested and Clicks the Link. if You Enabled Deep Linking, Where Does Roger Go to Next?

Roger has your app installed on his phone. While browsing products online, he happens upon a link to one of your products. He’s interested and clicks the link. If you enabled deep linking, where does Roger go to next?

  • Your mobile site’s homepage
  • The product page on your app
  • The product page on your mobile site
  • The Google Play or App store, where he can install your app

Right Answer:

  • The product page on your app


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App engagement ads, as the name suggests, are one of the various types of ads. These are extremely fruitful as far as an advertiser is concerned. In order to get hold of viewers, the ads that you post need to be as spontaneous and engaging as possible.

If at all you are giving it some sort of slack, you will lose the attention span of your viewers. This is only possible since you will be not able to get hold of the viewers and lead them to your app.

Suppose you are posting something regarding flight ticket booking from one place to another. You need to make sure that you are as specific as possible. If you missed even a wee bit of the parameters, you will lose the audience since they will not end up clicking it.

In order to get the clicks done, you need to deep links. Deep links can be explained as the specific app links which will lead the viewers to a precise location inside the app. However, the viewer needs to make sure that they have installed the app beforehand. If not, they have to do it irrespectively.

So, by engaging the viewer, you will able to make them click the deep link, thus ending on not just the landing page but at the actual site where they want to be.

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