Select the One Way Not to Track App Conversions.

Select the one way NOT to track app conversions.

  • Adding a Javascript snippet to your website
  • Integrating Firebase in your app
  • Using an app analytics provider for your Google Ads campaigns
  • Using codeless Android install tracking

Right Answer:

  • Adding a Javascript snippet to your website


Mobile apps are the easiest way to reach out to a particular type of audience for an advertiser. The advertisers can easily go ahead with mobile apps with which they can easily make sure that the audience that is engaging with the same will stick around for a longer period of time compared to the usual websites or landing pages where there is a chance of losing the audience.

The most common options available for the advertisers or developers to track the total number of app conversions are as follows:

  • Integrating Firebase
  • Using App Analytics
  • Using Android Install Tracking etc.

Now, as the question expresses, adding a Javascript snippet to the website might actually do the same but it will work for websites. Since in this case, the mobile app downloads are under the scanner, the developers need to focus more on the analytics which works in favor of the mobile apps.

Having a Javascript snippet will only work for the website, which in turn has no use here whatsoever since it has everything to do with mobile phone apps.

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