The Path to Conversion on Mobile Is Not the Same as On Desktop or Tablet Due to All of The Following Except:

The path to conversion on mobile is not the same as on desktop or tablet due to all of the following except:

  • context
  • functionality
  • differing screen size
  • intent

Right Answer:

  • intent


As far as conversion is concerned, advertisers have it different when it comes to mobile phone users or desktop and tablet users. It is understandable that people who use either of these devices have a different set of mindsets and point of views, more importantly. They function different as far as the online space is concerned.

As the question suggests, the different types of parameters that come into play when it comes to Mobiles as well as desktop or tablet are as follows:

  • Context
  • Functionality
  • Screen Size Variation etc.

Now, it is certain that mobile phone users are quick to any particular action, be it purchasing your product or availing your service, or getting rid of the advertisement or closing the tab on which the website is opened. Thus, it can be expressed that the intent between the users of both the platforms is certainly different from one another.

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