These Are All Key to Good Mobile Site Design Except?

These are all key to good mobile site design except?

  • Easy search
  • Easy user customization
  • Easy conversion
  • Easy navigation

Right Answer:

  • Easy user customization


7 Mobile-Friendly Navigation Best Practices – BruceClay

For you to develop any mobile site, you must make sure that the site is user-friendly and should have the easy search, easy conversion and easy navigation which helps you by making the user stay on the site longer. If you add the easy navigation, it will make easy for users to find what they need without bogging down the page or cluttering the screen.

Your mobile site’s navigation such as menu and internal links will work for users.  Good Mobile site navigation also needs to keep the page rank flowing to the important topics/ blogs/ pages that you want to rank well in search. Mobile site navigations should include everything on a site in huge, multi-layered lists.

Here are some of the friendly practices which can make the mobile site’s navigation better.

  • Keep the mobile site’s navigation short.
  • List the most important topics and pages first.
  • Think of search and recent search as a part of your navigation.
  • Design your mobile site for the multi-screen mobile user.
  • Design for touch.

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