To More Fully Capture Mobile’s Contribution to A Sale, Advertisers Need to Consider What?

To more fully capture mobile’s contribution to a sale, advertisers need to consider what?

  • More than just the last click
  • Just the last click
  • The first and last click
  • Customer intent

Right Answer:

  • More than just the last click


Users sometimes accidentally clicking on the ads without any intention of seeing or visiting them. This will be more frustrating for a user while it is even more for the advertiser who will be paying for those accidental clicks.

According to a survey, it is proved that 50% of the mobile ad clicks are accidental. So many advertisers are not aware of this as they will be misguided with the click-through rates.

So, Google has taken so many measures to improve the click quality on the Display Ads and Mobile Ads. The following reasons are the instances in which these accidental clicks are often found.

  • Clicks that occur on edge of an image or an ad.
  • App icons will no longer be clickable.
  • Clickability delay.

Many of the accidental clicks are found when a user is navigating through the page but accidentally clicks on the ad which will be in the middle of a page.

Similarly, some of the app icons on the page will directly lead the user to the app store where User have to download the application. Google has eliminated all of these instances and make it more user supportive.

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