To Show an Ad, Which Is Eligible to Appear on Search CPC Partner Sites, on The Mobile Version of Google Maps, You Should Use:

To show an ad, which is eligible to appear on search partner sites, on the mobile version of Google Maps, you should use:

  • product extensions
  • store visit extensions
  • location extensions
  • mobile extensions

Right Answer:

  • location extensions


Advertising needs add-ons which help advertisers reach out to certain sections of the crowd. Without the help of the advertisers, it is a bit difficult when it comes to reaching out to the most relevant audience.

However, it is certain that by doing so, the advertisers will certainly get a higher percentage of clicks and conversions alike, since that particular audience will be responsive enough. These add-ons are also known as extensions. There are several types of extensions such as:

  • Sitelink Extension
  • Location Extension
  • Device Extension
  • Contact Extension etc.

Now, as far as the question is concerned, the advertisement is supposed to be shown on the search partner sites on the mobile version of Google Maps.

Since Google Maps has everything to do with navigation and exact location, the location extension will do well in this case. However, as an added advantage, having a call extension is also great since it will reduce the barrier even more.

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