Viewable Impressions Allow You To:

Viewable impressions allow you to:

  • only pay for those ads that are actually viewed
  • pay for ads when they are displayed in a viewable position
  • pay for ads that are viewed and also converted
  • only pay for video ads that are viewed within an hour

Right Answer:

  • pay for ads when they are displayed in a viewable position


The advertisements that are opted for by the advertisers are of different types. When it comes to viewable impressions, only video advertisements are considered. As far as advertisers are concerned, they will have to pay for advertisements where viewers have interacted with those in some way or the other.

The normal interactions might be one of these:

  • Watch the advertisement for more than a few seconds
  • Click on the advertisement and go to the landing page
  • Visit the advertiser’s YouTube page and interact etc.

As far as the question is concerned, viewable impressions will let you pay for the advertisements only if those are in a viewable position. Specifying on viewable position, the advertisement needs to cover at least 50% of the screen space for more than one second at least. Or else, the viewer has to see the advertisement or interact with it, somehow, for at least 30 seconds.

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