Where can universal app campaigns run?

Where can universal app campaigns run?

  • Only on the Google Play store
  • On the Search and Display Networks, and YouTube
  • Only on AdMob
  • Within other apps, also known as in–app

Right Answer:

  • On the Search and Display Networks, and YouTube



Universal App Campaign can be explained as a single campaign for your app on all the networks of Google available on the Internet. In order to make sure that your App is reaching the potential people who usually indulge in buying the apps, having multiple ad campaigns run at once is frustrating to the core with continuous data correction and estimation.

Having said that, various ad campaigns run with different keywords might also end up competing with each other and in the end, neither of them would peak and reach their potential.

Thus, having a Universal App Campaign actually helps advertise your App on all the possible networks of Google available, optimizing the resources and not letting an internal competition arise. The networks where the Universal App Campaign promotes your app are as follows:

  • Search Network
  • Display Network
  • YouTube

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