Which Automated Bid Strategy Might Help Improve the Chances that Your Ad Gets to The Top of The Page?

Which automated bid strategy might help improve the chances that your ad gets to the top of the page?

  • Target search page location
  • Target outranking share
  • Target cost–per–acquisition (CPA)
  • Target return on ad spend (ROAS)

Right Answer:

  • Target search page location



This is a type of portfolio bid strategy which automates the bidding across multiple campaigns in order to show your ad on the top of the page or on the first page of the Google Search results.

Google Ads automatically raises or lowers your bids to show your ad on top of the page, but this Target Search Page Location bidding strategy works with campaigns targeting only the Search Network.

  • It will take a few mins for your bid to be updated after you apply this strategy.
  • Also, with this strategy, your bid will get updated several times a day to show your ads in your target location.
  • You just have to make sure that the bid strategy is applied to an active campaign, ad group or keyword.

This bidding strategy is not compatible with the Dynamic ads, so if any ad groups are targeting dynamic ad targets rather than keywords, then the strategy will become inactive. If the strategy is new, please give this a few hours because the status may be slightly delayed.

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