Which Is a Good App Design Practice?

Which is a good app design practice?

  • Zoom viewers in automatically for app content you know is most important.
  • Don’t interrupt users when they make mistakes completing forms, wait until they submit and provide a single report with all errors.
  • Get users to enter valuable user profile information immediately when they first open the app.
  • Make previous searches and recent purchases readily available.

Right Answer:

  • Make previous searches and recent purchases readily available.



As mobile usage grows, users will be expecting smooth in-app experiences when they are browsing, Searching, reviewing, learning about and making any purchases in a mobile app. For you to build a good app with a user-friendly design you must follow the below-mentioned practices.

i) Provide Previous Searches & purchase info: By introducing this feature to your mobile app and making those previous searches available, you can be able to save more time and effort for the users. This is particularly more important in recently used apps as the users conduct recent searched and purchases more often.

ii) Allow Users reviews to be viewed & filtered: In any in-app purchased mobile apps, user reviews are an important component for purchase decision-making. Let the user browse the most recent, most positive and most negative reviews to discover any common themes.

iii) provide multi third-payment options: Users always expect to see third payment systems as options. Apps which provide these payment options such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, relieve users from the pain point of filling those additions forms during the checkout.

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