Which of The Following Is a Way for An Advertiser to Monetize Their App?

Which of the following is a way for an advertiser to monetize their app?

  • All of the listed answers are correct
  • In–app ads
  • Charging for app downloads from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store
  • In–app purchases

Right Answer:

  • All of the listed answers are correct


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Monetizing apps for an app developer is the way of livelihood for quite a few of them. It is certain that earning something out of their own apps is a very intriguing yet fascinating thing to do. It is absolutely not a new thing and app developers have been partaking in this for quite a while now.

The ways an app developer can monetize their apps are as follows:

  • In-app Ads
  • Chargeable apps in the online store
  • In-app purchases

These are the general three options that an app developer can use to monetize their ads. It is clear that the maximum impacts can be seen via Chargeable apps and In-app purchases. The latter can also be known as Microtransactions, which aren’t the fan favourites currently with one specific gaming company.

In-app Ads constitute extremely slow revenue for the app developers but over the period of time, the adding up of people will result in a lot more ad money compared to the beginning stage.

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