You Can Use a Mobile Specific Display URL To:

You can use a mobile specific display URL to:

  • Differentiate yourself from other advertisers
  • Effectively track conversions to your desktop site
  • Indicate that you have a mobile-friendly landing page
  • Show consumers that you are a large brand

Right Answer:

  • Indicate that you have a mobile-friendly landing page


It is so important to keep users interested with a great site. Usually, the design and usability are the two important factors, also the faster site. Users always love the sites which load faster than others. There are so many guidelines and steps to consider for giving users a great experience after clicking on an ad.

  • Use the “landing pages” page in Google Ads to prioritize your efforts.
  • Make your sites faster and mobile friendly
  • Test and Improve the Landing pages.

Run any landing pages that are not mobile friendly through Google’s Mobile-friendly test for additional resources. Always ensure that your text is legible and your links are tappable. Also, only design a site which loads fast.

  • Test the design and content of your landing pages.
  • Also, identify your key performance indicator (KPI) before the test.
  • Use the tools that enable the marketing to launch tests quickly.
  • Connect the landing page to the specified parts of your Google Account.

Optimized landing page with targeted, relevant message generally drives more conversions and provides a higher return on ad-end.

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