Your Universal App Campaign Ad Can Appear as An In-Stream Video Ad on You Tube Provided Which Is True?

Your universal app campaign ad can appear as an in-stream video ad on YouTube provided which is true?

  • The app makes use of streaming video.
  • Video assets are provided.
  • Only landscape videos are used.
  • An additional YouTube charge is paid.

Right Answer:

  • Video assets are provided.


An Asset contains information about intellectual property, such as sounding recording that is provided to the YouTube for rights management by the content owner.

The information containing in an asset also includes of metadata, ownership information, claims policies, and content reference files that allow the asset to match found within user upload videos.

There are so many other different types of assets, including the following:

  • Web – Represents the YouTube original video.
  • Sound Recording – Represents an audio recording.
  • Composition Share – Represents an ownership share of a musical composition.
  • Music Video – Represents the official music video for a sound recording.
  • Art track – Represents the video of a sound recording that doesn’t have a premium music video.
  • Movie – Represents a feature film.

Selection of the assets is very important. Contact your accounts manager if you are not sure of which asset to use.

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