According to Google Shopping Policies, What Would Cause the Disapproval of Individual Items or An Entire Merchant Center Account?

According to Google Shopping policies, what would cause the disapproval of individual items or an entire Merchant Center account?

  • A product URL that links directly to only one relevant item
  • Products with an availability attribute of out of stock
  • Sale of gambling-related products such as poker chips
  • Unsecured checkout or a missing refund policy

Right Answer:

  • Unsecured checkout or a missing refund policy


The disapproval of several products on sale is not a new thing at all. It happens quite frequently depending on what you are doing with that specific product. With everything falling in place, you need to look at the concerned product whether it is not violating any policy rules and regulations.

  • If so, then it will be red signs for the Merchant Center.
  • You need to make sure that the product goes through and abides by all of the policies mentioned by Google Networks.
  • Similarly, there is another point which might make you lose your chance to be on the forefront.
  • You need to make sure that the payment gateway is secure to the date.

Since payments are a delicate matter to handle, it is obvious that you need to make sure the gateways are as encrypted as possible. As an advertiser, you can never let any loose strings which can lead to either you or the consumer getting scammed. If that is the case, the entire Merchant Center might even get shut down completely, not just a single product or category.

Thus, make sure to check your website from time to time and see through each and every product that you are intended to sell. If not, then you might have to face unnecessary consequences.

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