Brian Is Expanding His Store to Include Antique Goods. What Should He Do if There Isn’t a Unique Product Identifier Available?

Brian is expanding his store to include antique goods. What should he do if there isn’t a unique product identifier available?

  • Use the exemption attribute identifier_exists
  • Leave all unique product identifiers blank
  • Add unique to the brand attribute
  • Include the word “antique” in the titles of all products

Right Answer:

  • Use the exemption attribute identifier_exists


Unique Product Identifiers define the product that you want to sell on Online stores or websites. This will help the Google to distinguish your products that you are selling online which also helps in running successful ads for your products across the web.

Mostly, the UPIs are assigned by the manufacturer as the UPIs remain identical even though you try to sell the same product as another retailer.

Usually, every product has UPIs but if you don’t have one, you should tell the Google about that while you submit the Product data. Examples of products that may not have an assigned GTIN include:

  • Store brand products
  • Replacement parts
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or replacements for OEM parts
  • Custom-made products (custom t-shirts, art, and handmade goods)
  • Books released before ISBN was approved as an ISO standard in 1970
  • Vintage or antique products
  • Preorder products

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