Custom Labels Are a Way To:

Custom labels are a way to:

  • set the country in which your products will be sold
  • identify the shipping method used for your products
  • tell Google Merchant Center what products to avoid when uploading data
  • subdivide products into specific product groups in Google Ads

Right Answer:

  • subdivide products into specific product groups in Google Ads


Custom Label is a category in  Google Ads through which you can be able to create for your own products on your own website. it is like a division among your own products that you can create which will be technically different from the characteristic or demographic point of view.

These categories and labels will have more impact on the viewers as when they look at these labels they might actually visit your website with an ad click and land on your landing page. The usual labels used in the world of Shopping are as follows:

  • Seasonal
  • On Clearance
  • Best Sellers

These Custom labels for each product can be able to give access to monitor, broadcast and proffer for your Shopping Campaign. In order to define these labels, you need to see the characteristics of the products that you have been selling over a certain period of time.

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