For a Shopping Campaign, You Can Use Google Ads To:

For a Shopping campaign, you can use Google Ads to:

  • Upload additional product images
  • Submit product information
  • Manage and validate a website URL
  • Manage ad group bids

Right Answer:

  • Manage ad group bids


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In Shopping ads, campaign bid strategy can’t be overridden by ad group or keyword level strategies. But this will only make it easier for you to manage your bid strategies.

You can be still able to set ad group targets for CPA and ROAS Strategies along with the ad groups and Keyword CPC bids. But you should make sure that all ad groups and keywords in a Shopping campaign must use the same bid strategy.

  • It is strongly recommended by the Google Ads to remove all of your existing ad group and keyword bid strategies so that you can be able to set and manage your new bid strategies.
  • If you are using CPA bidding, then you can maximize your results and give machine learning algorithms some enough data to make informed bidding decisions.

For this, you must ensure you have at least 15 conversions in the past 30 days. If you want to use a separate strategy for a specific ad group you can just move that ad group into a new campaign where you can get access to use separate strategies for that ad group.

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