Google Merchant Center Is Used For:

Google Merchant Center is used for:

  • Setting up campaign bidding priorities
  • Managing conversion tracking
  • Editing your Shopping campaign’s product groups
  • Uploading product data feeds

Right Answer:

  • Uploading product data feeds


Google Merchant Center is a tool which helps you to upload the data of your products and store to Google so that you make the data available for the Google to create and advertise your products as Shopping ads in the online market.

Shopping Ads allow online shoppers to find your products on Google with not so much effort. As a seller, the Google Ads will offer you the following advantages:

  • Attract more potential buyers online.
  • Ads will reach shoppers while they are searching for items relevant to your on Google.
  • You can be able to control your product information.
  • You can maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information.
  • Customers can be able to reach your website with just a click on the Shopping ad.

If you link your Google Ads account with the Google Merchant center you can be able to surface your products directly to the users using Shopping ads. At present, the shopping ads are available in many countries as Local catalog ads are available in all countries.

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