Google Merchant Center Is Used To:

Google Merchant Center is used to:

  • Host website images
  • Submit product information
  • Manage bidding for Shopping campaigns
  • Monitor the performance of Shopping campaigns

Right Answer:

  • Submit product information


Shopping Campaigns includes of ads which are created based on the product data in Google Merchant Center by the Google Ads. The data for each and every product ad will be stored in the merchant center and is used by the Google in order to create an ad for the users who are looking or browsing for the relevant products online.

The data of all those products will be uploaded by the Manufacturer if they want to sell their products online.

The Shopping ads are an interesting way to advertise your products as the user can see the image, price and some info of the product in the ad itself along with the website which sells it which gives more traffic than any other ads. You can set up your Shopping campaigns just by following the below four steps.

  • Create a new Google Ads Account and sign in to your account.
  • Use your existing Google Ads Account to which you have Administrative Access.
  • Use other Google Ads Account linked to your Merchant Center Account.
  • Link another Google Ads account to your Merchant Center Account.

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