Greta Wants to Make Changes for Several Shopping Campaigns that She Manages. She Can Use Bulk Changes To:

Greta wants to make changes for several Shopping campaigns that she manages. She can use bulk changes to:

  • link product feeds across campaigns
  • replace an existing product group
  • create general calls to action
  • alter custom parameters for subdivided product groups

Right Answer:

  • replace an existing product group


Advertisers need to constantly chop and change their shopping campaigns from time to time. They do the same in order to maintain the relevancy as far as time is concerned with the viewer. If not, then the ads become quite stale for the general viewer, which will ultimately lead the viewer to be non-interested in your company’s ads.

The basic changes that the advertisers do to their shopping campaigns are as follows:

  • Product Groups
  • Bids
  • Tracking Template
  • Custom Parameters etc.

It is obvious that making a massive number of changes to more than one shopping campaign is not easy in nature. The most important steps that you need to follow in order to facilitate bulk changes are as follows:

  • Download an editable product group report
  • Edit the product group report accordingly
  • Upload the product group report to your account in which you have made the changes

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