How Should Chris Estimate how A Different Bid Amount Would Impact His Store’s Online Traffic?

How should Chris estimate how a different bid amount would impact his store’s online traffic?

  • Check the “Diagnostics” tab in Google Merchant Center
  • Use the Bid Simulator tool
  • Download campaign performance data
  • Review the benchmark cost-per-click (CPC) information in Google Ads

Right Answer:

  • Use the Bid Simulator tool


If you want to increase or decrease your bids for shopping campaign, but not sure of how it would affect your campaign performance then you should use the Bid Simulator which can help you to get clarity to how different product groups could affect your traffic by estimating what your advertising results.

You can use this tool from the “product Groups” tab to look at what bid amount could actually deliver the performance you want.

The Bid Simulator collects and analyzes the previous seven days data from ad auctions on Google. But you should consider other parameters such as the quality of your ads, your competitors’ bids and product data in Google Merchant center before running a Bid Simulator.

Because even these parameters might be affecting your campaign’s performance directly or indirectly. Here are some things for you to keep in mind when using a Bid simulator for a Product group.

  • You can use bid scaling to see what might happen if you increased or decreased all of your bids for product groups.
  • Bid changes across many product groups can increase traffic significantly, which could cause you to reach your budget limit.
  • The Bid Simulator isn’t available for “excluded” product groups with no bid.

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