In Shopping Campaigns, Product Groups Are Used To:

In Shopping campaigns, product groups are used to:

  • bid on organized inventory in an ad group
  • create a list of keywords used to target Shopping ads to shoppers
  • organize products within a data feed
  • bundle items sold as a package, like a camera and a tripod stand

Right Answer:

  • bid on organized inventory in an ad group


Product Groups is a way to organize your Merchant center inventory so that Google can advertise your ads based on the product groups. Also, using these product groups, Google can determine audiences to whom you want to show your ads to so that they end up clicking on your ad to view your product on your website.

One can be able to create a product group using attributes which are derived from the product data which was available within the Google Ads. After organizing your products as Product groups you can get to bid on these product groups.

When you first create a new shopping campaign, a product group named “All Products” is created by default using the default max CPC bid which will be set by you during your ad group creation.

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