Lisa Wants to Know If, After Viewing Her Shopping Ad, People Are Buying the Shoes Listed in The Ad. She Should:

Lisa wants to know if, after viewing her Shopping ad, people are buying the shoes listed in the ad. She should:

  • run an Auction insights report
  • use enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) bidding
  • run an Ad performance report
  • set up conversion tracking

Right Answer:

  • set up conversion tracking


Reports in Google Ads is the most integral part of Search engine Marketing as it can be able to show you the Return of Investment (ROI) for your daily budget.

Any advertiser can optimize their ad campaigns by changing bids, adding or deleting keywords, rotating in new ad copy etc just by analyzing the Reports in Google Ads. Here are a few tips for you to follow so that you can start analyzing the performance of your ad campaigns and your Google Ads account.

Ad Performance: You can be able to view your performance data for each of your ads which can be happened with the help of this self-evident report. If you have already set your ad campaigns with more tightly themed ad groups, then this data will make more sense to you.

URL Performance: With the help of these reports you can be able to view the performance data for each of your destination URLs. But if you are using more than one landing pages in your URLs then this report might not be useful for you to analyze your ad performance.

Campaign Performance: You can view the data of your campaign performance with the help of this report. One can easily see the campaign level data from a single screen in the interface. Mostly, the advertisers pull this report only for historical purposes.

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