Marie’s New Camera Product Falls Into Two Different Google Product Categories. What Should She Use for This Attribute?

Marie’s new camera product falls into two different Google product categories. What should she use for this attribute?

  • Use the ‘custom label’ attribute
  • Submit the product twice using a different category each time
  • Include both categories in the attribute
  • Include only one category

Right Answer:

  • Include only one category


As the question suggests, if a particular product is having varied specifications and falls into two distinct Google product categories, then she needs to include only one category.

  • At this point in time, she can not include that same product into both of those categories.
  • It is advisable to have that specific product in one product category.
  • The ads that Google will push on the various networks available will be easy, fluid and much more dynamic if it is done so.

Having the same product in two different categories will overlap a bunch of information and it will be difficult for Google ads to show the same to relevant people.

With one group in contention, the ad will reach the maximum number of people since the characteristics related to that product group is much more defined and relevant, compared to having the same in both the groups. The more the relevancy, the maximum number of people will go through the ad.

Not only that, those will be meaningful impressions since the rate of conversion will also be higher.

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