Maximilian Is Starting a Shopping Campaign for Winter Sports to Sell Skis, Which Are Also Listed in His Campaign for Mountain Tourism. Maximilian Has a Specific Budget Just for His Winter Sports Campaign. when Skis Are Shown, He Wants the Bid to Come from His Winter Sports Campaign. Maximilian Should:

Maximilian is starting a Shopping campaign for winter sports to sell skis, which are also listed in his campaign for mountain tourism. Maximilian has a specific budget just for his winter sports campaign. When skis are shown, he wants the bid to come from his winter sports campaign. Maximilian should:

  • make the winter sports campaign high priority and the mountain tourism low priority
  • make his winter sports budget high priority by adding his mountain tourism budget to it
  • add “mountain tourism” to his negative keywords during the winter sports campaign
  • prioritize his Shopping campaigns according to seasons rather than geography

Right Answer:

  • make the winter sports campaign high priority and the mountain tourism low priority


Campaign priority can be explained as the ordering or prioritizing of several campaigns run by a single advertiser or organization. It is extremely necessary to be carried out by an advertiser since all of the campaigns might not be significant at any given point of time compared to other campaigns.

Campaign priority also determines the bids when it comes to the various campaigns. Those rules are as follows:

  • The highest priority campaign will bid
  • The lower priority campaign bids after the higher priority campaign run out of budgets
  • Multiple campaigns with same delivery will result in the selection of the highest bid

Campaign priority is necessary for advertisers on a whole lot new level. It is extremely essential to get hold of the best audience and the highest traffic possible for the particular campaign on the board.

Without the same, the advertisements for all the campaigns will be spread which will significantly decrease the number of active viewers or consumers in the long run.

Relevancy will be missing if an off-season campaign is run in the middle of nowhere. People won’t feel the need to engage with it and will not consider it interest-based.

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