Merchants Use Google Merchant Center To:

Merchants use Google Merchant Center to:

  • manage Shopping campaign bids
  • set mobile bids on specific products
  • set campaign priority
  • upload product data through feeds or an API

Right Answer:

  • manage Shopping campaign bids


Shopping campaigns are basically the ads that are created out of the data from the Google Merchant Center. Saved in it are pretty much all of the product data that you, as an advertiser, have entered in the Google Merchant Center.

  • This is an interesting way to advertise your products.
  • This sort of an ad campaign would make a lot of impacts compared to the usual text or image ads.
  • It is because of the data that goes in from the Google Merchant Center.

Having the data from the Google Merchant Center will not only create a sense of relevancy with the consumers but also it will specifically target the right kind of audience. People who are interested in those sorts of products will only be seeing those types of ads.

The rates of conversion will be significantly higher compared to before, however, the traffic to the website might see a decline.

It honestly makes little to no difference since you will get legitimate consumers who will actually purchase your product. You can set up your Shopping Campaign by going ahead with either of the four given options:

  • Create a new Google Ads Account
  • Use your existing Google Ads Account to which you have Administrative Access
  • Use other Google Ads Account linked to your Merchant Center Account
  • Link another Google Ads account to your Merchant Center Account

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