Mindy Is Setting up Her Google Merchant Center Account and Has to Verify Her Website Url. Her Website Url Must:

Mindy is setting up her Google Merchant Center account and has to verify her website URL. Her website URL must:

  • be as specific as possible (for example, http://www.example.com#top)
  • include Ports
  • begin with http:// or https://
  • include IP addresses

Right Answer:

  • begin with http:// or https://



Before you get to upload your product data to the Merchant center you are required to verify and claim your online website’s URL. Because verification let Google know that you are an authorized owner of a website URL which will make your uploading procedure easier and secure.

Also, claiming of the URL associates the verified website URL with your Merchant center account. Here are the steps you should do verify and claim your website URL.

  • Sign in to your Merchant Center Account.
  • Click on the “Business Information” on the Navigation Panel.
  • Click the “About your Business” to open the “About your Business” page from the Page menu.
  • Then click to open up the “website” section.
  • Enter your website’s URL in the column.
  • Then Click on the “Save” button at the end.

If you are already verified your website during the setup then you can move on to Step-3 directly.  Verifying your Website’s URL will confirm that you are the owner of the website which will give you the ability to edit the content. For verifying your website you cane either of the methods which are mentioned below.

  • HTML file upload – which is the most common method
  • HTML tag
  • Google Analytics and
  • Google tag manager

Also, claiming your website URL will give you the exclusive right to use your website in connection with your merchant account.

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