Multi-Client Accounts (MCAs) in Google Merchant Center Allow Advertisers to Easily:

Multi-client accounts (MCAs) in Google Merchant Center allow advertisers to easily:

  • Combine reporting on all data feeds across domains
  • Access multiple Google Ads accounts
  • Manage multiple domains with a single sign in
  • Share products between accounts

Right Answer:

  • Manage multiple domains with a single sign in


A Multi-client account is where you can manage multiple domains with a single sign-in, as you can see with the question. With the help of a multi-client account, you as an individual or a company will be able to handle more than one domains.

This sort of handling is pretty much visible in cases where people take the help of third-party organisations for handling their content. The term outsourcing is the one that many can relate to.

However, in order to seek no account disapprovals or suspensions, you need to make sure that there are no duplicate domains. That is, you can not have a single domain repeated multiple times in the list of accounts that you can handle.

  • Usually multi-country domains are the ones that take the help of multi-client accounts, obviously.
  • It would be a pain in the head to do the same from one specific location, as you can say.

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