Shopping Ads on Google.Com:

Shopping ads on

  • indicate the name of the merchant
  • don’t use keywords
  • all of the answers are correct
  • can be served together with text ads

Right Answer:

  • all of the answers are correct


Shopping ads on Google are the best when it comes to promoting your product on the Google Network. This format has been the best in comparison to the usual text and visual Ads. The shopping ads are a lot more engaging with the consumer compared to the latter.

As you can see with the options, all of the answers are correct in nature. Firstly, the name of the Merchant is always present in whatever Ads are showcased on the Network. Sometimes, the names of the Merchant are enough for the viewers to take them as a meaningful choice because of the brand value.

Shopping ads do not use the keywords at all when it comes to finding relevancy among the viewers. In this case, the product groups and the data related to it are used to find the correct audience.

And finally, you can definitely show your shopping ads with text ads. Albeit, it isn’t the best way to do so since a lot of information isn’t getting carried out to the viewer, your ad will nevertheless reach an audience no doubt. Preparing them accordingly, you can throw in a few more interactive Ads afterwards.

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