Shopping Campaigns Use:

Shopping campaigns use:

  • ads created using product data from Google Merchant Center
  • keyword-targeted rich media ads
  • ads promoting local and nearby services
  • a combination of text ads and Shopping ads formats

Right Answer:

  • ads created using product data from Google Merchant Center


Shopping ads are the ads which include of the product image, info, price, and merchant name clearly on the ad when it is shown to people so that there will more chances of the user to click on the ad.

These ads are also shown to people who are searching the web for a relevant product or service on the Google Display network. You also need to set some keywords while creating an ad so that when any user type in the word or phrase your ad will be shown.

Before you set your ad campaign on run you need to submit the product data to merchant center so that the Google Ads can access whenever it can to show your ads to people with all the data you have given to it.

Also, linking your Google Ads account and Merchant center account can be a lot helpful as you can get to customize your ad content and can attract few more audiences with changes done to your ad.

if you don’t have any Google Ads account, you will see an option “Create account” in the Google Ads tab in Merchant center. All you need to is to click on the button to start the procedure of creating a new Google Ads account and shopping campaign. You will be needed to provide the following to create your new account.

  • Define your timezone in which your reporting is based.
  • Also, the currency in which you want to place your bids and set budgets.

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