Suzie Owns an Apparel Store and Has Decided to Sell Her Products Online. when Suzie Creates a Google Merchant Center Data Feed, What Unique Product Identifiers Will Be Accepted?

Suzie owns an apparel store and has decided to sell her products online. When Suzie creates a Google Merchant Center data feed, what unique product identifiers will be accepted?

  • gtin and brand
  • mpn and gtin
  • brand only
  • gtin only

Right Answer:

  • gtin and brand


As far as the question is concerned, Suzie is concerned about selling her products online, contrary to what she has been doing up until now, that is selling her products offline. In order to go online, Suzie needs to make sure that she has to create a Google Merchant Center for herself. A Google Merchant Center feed is needed so that she can add in details about her products.

The unique product identifiers that will be accepted for her are:

  • gtin
  • brand

gtin can be explained as the product identifier that is needed for the advertiser’s products. In this case, Suzie will have the gtin product identifier accepted for her. In this, she will have to mention the details about the products that she is interested in selling online. gtin(ISBN) is used globally.

Brand is another product identifier that will get accepted for Suzie. It is the most important detail apart from the product information itself. The details about the brand is extremely vital as well. It builds the categories and the audience alike.

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