To Subdivide Products in Shopping Campaigns Using Your Own Set Product Structure, You Should Use:

To subdivide products in Shopping campaigns using your own set product structure, you should use:

  • Starred items
  • Google Ads labels
  • Custom labels
  • Multiple data feeds

Right Answer:

  • Custom labels


A way to organize your Product Inventory of Merchant Center in Shopping campaign is to create product groups using the attributes which are derived from your product data, available within Google Ads. Later then you get to bid on these Product groups.

Shopping Campaigns generally use the product groups to determine when items from your Merchant center account appears on the organic search results pages on Google in a Shopping ad.

When you create a new Shopping campaign in Google ads, a product group with all of your products in it is created by default using the default max. CPC bid which was set by you while you are creating an ad.

You can even run your shopping campaign based on that default “All products” product group or you can better subdivide those products into as many product groups as you want using the product attributes like

  • category
  • product type
  • brand
  • condition
  •  item ID
  • even custom labels.
  • You can even remove product groups if you want to.

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