True or False: Data Feeds Provide a List of Your Inventory with Important Product Details in Google Merchant Center

True or false: Data feeds provide a list of your inventory with important product details in Google Merchant Center

  • False
  • True

Right Answer:

  • True


Product data, as the name itself suggests, is nothing but the specific details pertaining to the products. These details are much needed when you are willing to put up your products in Shopping Ads.

The most important factor while entering the details into your Google Merchant Center account is that you can not afford to make any mistakes doing so. If you end up doing the same, your products will not be approved during the usual review procedure which takes place for a period of 3 days at maximum.

  • In case your product data and the feed or the advertisement data is different.
  • Your product will be removed from the ad pool.
  • Worst case scenario, your account might also get suspended on this regard.
  • Thus, make sure to enter the absolutely correct information into the Merchant Center Account.

After you are done with it, finalise your procedure and link your Google Merchant Center account to Google Ads. Doing so, dynamic ads will be shown on Google Networks, which are much more relevant compared to the static ads.

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