True or False: Shopping Ads Can Appear at The Same Time as Text Ads, Allowing Shoppers to Find the Best Match Before Clicking Through to Make a Purchase.

True or false: Shopping ads can appear at the same time as text ads, allowing shoppers to find the best match before clicking through to make a purchase.

  • True
  • False

Right Answer:

  • False


Shopping ads will have more impact on the audience than the normal text and image ads on the Google Display Network (GDN). The overall performance of the Shopping ads is always effective when compared to the other types of ads in the network.

This happens because the text ads will only share the information about the product and maybe its price. Whereas the shopping ads consist of Product image, info, price, and also the name of the seller.

So visual information will obviously make the customer click on the ad which directs to a landing page in your site. So Shopping ads will be more engaging than others.

But the targeting the audience should be good because you don’t want to show your “Shoes” ads to the people who are searching for “Cars“. Because it will be just bad advertising and your campaign ends in nothing.

There are many benefits if any advertiser does advertising with the Shopping ads for their products which are listed below:

  • More Traffic
  • Better Qualified Leads
  • Easy Retail-centric Campaign Management
  • Broader Presence
  • Powerful Reporting and Competitive Data

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