What Information Do You Need to Enter in Google Merchant Center to Create a Shopping Campaign?

What information do you need to enter in Google Merchant Center to create a Shopping campaign?

  • Verified and claimed website URL
  • Promotion text
  • Business address
  • Local business data feed

Right Answer:

  • Verified and claimed website URL



Google Shopping ads are likely to appear on top of the organic search results in Google. These ads use the existing merchant center product ad to decide how and where to show your Shopping ads online to the users.

Also, these ads are shown to users who are doing research on shopping of products online. So that if they see any product ad relevant to their search they will most likely click on the ad and lands on the site in which product is sold.

Here’s where you Google Shopping ads might appear across the web:

  • Google Shopping only in some selected countries.
  • In Google Search, next to organic search results and separate from text ads
  • Google Search Partner websites, YouTube and also in Image Search on Google in some countries.
  • The Google Display Network as well.

A retailer can use these Shopping campaigns to improve his brand awareness and credibility. They can even promote their online inventory, boost traffic to their website and to their local stores as well.

For that, you need to send Product data with Merchant Center to Google Ads and create a campaign in it. Then Google will use your campaign to create ads on Google and show them to potential customers around the web.

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