What’s the Best Way to Indicate in A Feed that A Product Is on Sale for A Limited Time?

What’s the best way to indicate in a feed that a product is on sale for a limited time?

  • Upload the same item twice, once with a lower price
  • Use the sale_price attribute
  • Update the description of that specific item
  • Include “SALE” in the title of the item

Right Answer:

  • Use the sale_price attribute



Using the sale_price attribute is the best way to finalise your product’s price on Google Analytics. It is done so in order to not kill the only opportunity your product has after it is reviewed to be put up on the Google Ads space.

There are a few basic steps that you need to follow in order to use the sale_price attribute successfully. Those are as follows:

  • Meet the requirements for the price attribute
  • Submit the sale_price in addition to the price attribute with the non-sale price
  • Accurately submit the product’s sale price, and match the sale price from your landing page

You have to absolutely specific with what you are updating with Google Analytics. If at all there are mismatches in the data of the products in both the fields, your product might get disapproved for being inaccurate and misleading.

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